30 May 2020, Saturday
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Discover India - Testimonials 32 Reviews

Rachel Bowron

Excellent Service  

13 May 2015, Wednesday

The drivers deserve particular thanks. It was very good to have the same driver for a few days at a time and they were both excellent. When visiting a place for the first time, when roads may be variable and the weather (especially in the North) is not always good they always made us feel safe and secure. They were always on time and always seemed to know exactly how long a journey would take. They were always ready with bottles of water, information about where we were going and were clear

Vittoria e Geremia

Great Trip  

09 May 2015, Saturday

The guide and the driver completed the tour very well, they are kindly and professional. The accommodations were good and all was ok. I thank you and your Company for the nice tour. I hope to organize a new tour in India in a short time.

Giulia é Leonardo

Wonderful Tour  

09 May 2015, Saturday

Thank you for the hotel and for all holiday, we are very happy with the organization of your agency. The holiday goes well, the reef is wonderful! Thank you so much for all!


Lifetime Memorable Trip  

22 April 2015, Wednesday

Thank you so much for everything you did to make the trip so special. All the wonderful extras you put in which were really noticed by us and our guests and we really appreciate the support you gave us during the tour.



22 April 2015, Wednesday

Thank you so much for all your hard work and help with the Eton College tour. The reports from the school and are fantastic and it is a tour with many happy memories for all involved.

Marc Silverstone

Awesome Trip  

05 March 2015, Thursday

Good day, on behalf on. The three of us THANK YOU. The trip was awesome, I can be used as a reference.

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