26 November 2022, Saturday
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Fam Trips

Familiarization Trips

Thank you for your interest in India and in our partnership FAM / Educational trips. 

We look forward to have the pleasure of welcoming you to our incredible destination!

Being an industry trendsetter, Discover India is constantly trying to bring India closer to its industry colleagues and associates. In this effort, Discover India Tours has organised 'Partnership Industry Education FAM trips to India for overseas Travel Partners. These trips are planned to showcase India - the destination - and to give you first hand knowledge and experience, acquaint you with its myriad attractions, unique and contemporary facilities on offer and to experience the warmth hospitality of India's billion. Most importantly it gives you the best opportunity to test our services as your new DMC partner in India.

Discover India Tours invites you to join us on these magical journeys!

Be enchanted with an experience that is insightful yet memorable!


For more detail please write to us : info@discoverindia.net


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These dates are in September 2019. For your preferred dates for 2018 or 2019, please do let us know.
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