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Destination : West India

The western part of India comprises of the states chhattisgarh, goa, gujarat, madhya pradesh, maharasthra, dadra and nagar haveli. Unwind the sea-shore, enjoy the multi-cultural cocktail and enjoy the most popular historical monuments and recreation options which attract millions of travelers every year for West India tours.  Get immersed in open vast sea front and neon-lit chambers of happening nightclubs which are innate reflections of Mumbai, the dream city of many. Enjoy the chirpy beaches, spicy Chaat, never sleeping Bollywood. Soothing sunsets attracts hundreds of Mumbaikars and even tourists find it the ideal place to mingle with the locals. 

Gandhian Gujarat is no lesser known destination which is renowned for major sites of Indus Valley Civilization including Lothal and Dholavira. Enjoy the spicy snacks and Gujrati food. The city of Mahatma Gandhi still continues to live by his morals and is thus an alcohol free zone. Enjoy the feast in Goa and an ultimate party town of Goa. Goa is all about sunsets in beaches, smell of delicious sea-food, local markets bustling with people and buzzing nightclubs, Goa is all about fun and frolic. Enjoy the water sports and travelers will love to visit here infinite number of times. 

A large number of tourists visit Madhya Pradesh every year. Popular tourism circuit itinerary focuses on mixing sightseeing and wildlife watching. Also, many people opt for spiritual tours.Get organized jungle safaris and enjoy at Bandhavgarh National Park and many such popular parks. Chhatisgarh is again a place which joins us with the mythological era of India. Also, the popular places of this state are mentioned in India history. Visit forts, palaces and much more. Chhatisgarh is a galore of tribal people. 

Cultural & Classical Tours

S.NO Programme/ Itinerary Duration Price Ask for Free Quote
Golconda Forts and Goa

16 days
Sep to Dec

2000 USD /person onwards

Grand India Tour

21 days
May to Sep

2300 USD /person onwards

Eco & Wildlife Tours

S.NO Programme/ Itinerary Duration Price Ask for Free Quote
Corbett Wildlife Tour

15 days
May to Dec

1517 USD /person onwards

India By Rail

S.NO Programme/ Itinerary Duration Price Ask for Free Quote
Passage to India by Rail

10 days
May to Jun

On Request

Palace on Wheels

8 days
May to May

On Request

Spiritual & Mystic Tours

S.NO Programme/ Itinerary Duration Price Ask for Free Quote
Jewish Pilgrimages

12 days
May to Jun

871 USD /person onwards

Christianity Tour

5 days
May to Sep

On Request